How to prettify the Firefox progress bar

Fission is a Firefox extension that merges the progress bar with the address bar. The result is a bar that, in my opinion, looks nicer and is easier to monitor because it is in the top toolbar to which you will most likely pay more attention.

You can change the color to your liking and even use an image instead, although I’m perfectly happy with the default, which looks like this:


Try it out yourself and download the extension at Mozilla’s Add-ons page.

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  1. beautiful blog.

    While the progress+address bar is nice, I’ve found that I much prefer the progress bar to be displayed on the tab. The firefox extension Tab Mix Plus does just that and provides many other tab options. This way when I’m hopping from tab to tab I know which pages have already loaded.

  2. Paul, your onpiions are all ecehod by others. eSnipe will change, and it will not become more complex to use. It should end up streamlined by a few unnecessary screens here and there.Cheers,Tom Campbell, CEOeSnipe, Inc.

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